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Electric Vehicle Charging Stations


At Johnson Renewable Energy, we understand how important it is to have efficient electric vehicle charging solutions. That’s why we offer a wide range of charging options, from simple wall outlets to high-speed charging stations. Our charging solutions provide a fast, safe, and reliable source of power to keep your electric vehicle running.


We also have a team of experts available to provide personalized advice and assistance to help you find the perfect charging solution for your needs. No matter the type of electric vehicle, we have the experience and resources to provide the best charging solution for you.

ev fast charge stations

While public charging needs vary from location to location, many in the EV industry use the assumption that; 


Depending on the market, higher or lower ratios may be more ideal.

Public Charging In Your City

ev fast charge station

As electric vehicles become more popular, cities need to prepare for the growing demand for charging station solutions. These charging solutions can be not only for private automobiles, but also for buses, trucks and public transportation vehicles.


The electric vehicle charging station solution from JREnergy provides cities with a reliable charging stations plan and installation for electric vehicles. It is designed to meet the growing demand of electric vehicles, allowing cities to invest in a secure, cost-effective, and efficient charging stations that will keep their citizens safe and their vehicles charged. Our charging station plan is easy to install and use, making it an ideal choice for cities that want to invest in the future of electric vehicles and clean energy solutions.

There are many reason to build a structured charging stations plan in your city. Building an EV charging infrastructure will make your city a part of the transition to the future of sustainable energy. A few of the advantages of an EV charging solution includes;

1. Lowering Emissions

Our Electric Vehicle Station solution will help lower emissions and reduce your carbon footprint by providing an easy-to-use charging station for electric vehicles. It is designed with the latest technology and safety features to ensure a reliable and efficient reduction in air pollution and CO2 emissions. 

2. Meeting climate change goals

Many cities have developed plans to address and reduce their regions' impact on climate change. Our charging infrastructure plans will help you meet those goals with cleaner methods. 

3. Economic Development

Investment in our Electric Vehicle Station plan can offer revenue generation options for cities while providing environmentally safe service to your constituents. Our metering technology can help realize and report the revenue generated.

4. Employment Creation


Our charging stations plans create job opportunities for people in the community, while helping to reduce the environmental impact of transportation. Support jobs can be created with charger installation, operation and maintenance. These employment opportunities support the economy while training workers for the future of clean energy. 

5. Health

A leading cause of air pollution is emissions from vehicles. One of the most effective ways to reduce air pollution in your community is to reduce the number of emissions producing vehicles in your city or town. EV's have no tailpipes and produce zero local emissions so the more electric and fewer combustion engine vehicles on your roads, the less pollution.

Contact Johnson Renewable Energy for more information about these services.

Shopping Areas and Restaurants

Our electric vehicle charging solution makes it easy to add charging capabilities to your restaurant or shopping mall property. Our reliable and efficient chargers are designed to provide the fastest charging times, while being easy to install and use. Whether you're looking for a single charger for your restaurant or shopping mall or a more comprehensive network, we have the perfect solution for your needs. With our electric vehicle charging solution, you can provide your customers with the convenience of a quick charge while they enjoy their meal or while they shop..

ev fast charge station at resturant

Reasons EV Charging Stations are good for your business

1. Attract Customers

EV ownership is increasing and not everyone has the money to install a charger at home. Providing this service to your customers will insure they will your use your restaurant or shopping mall to charge and dine. They will appreciate a place they can charge their vehicle and may provide an excuse to dine out and shop.

2. Create a source of additional revenue

An EV charging station can provide an additional source of revenue for your restaurant or shopping mall. This type of passive revenue stream can add to the overall income of your business,

3. Goals for your business

Incentives are forthcoming that will encourage businesses to help improve the EV infrastructure. Adding EV chargers in the business community will encourage people to make the transition to electric vehicles. These incentives will help restaurants and shopping malls to contribute to reducing our carbon footprint and providing a healther planet.

Contact Johnson Renewable Energy for more information about these services.

EV's are coming to your city 
In 2017 over 2 million EV's were driving worldwide. By 2020 over 103 new EV models were available from all major producers. Prices continue to drop while range increases. Bloomberg New Energy Finance predicts that before 2040 sales of EV's will overtake those of combustion engine vhicles. 


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